Meet the Woman

Behind the Magic

Hi, I'm Samantha,

The Bewitching Beautician!


I believe self-care is a form of magic. It will never cease to amaze me what a difference playing with color, dimension, and shape can make to someone's look, and how they feel about themselves! ​I have a passion for crafting looks that compliment my client’s unique needs. Being a curly queen myself, I naturally have a special place in my heart for textured tresses. But don't think I'm a one-trick pony, I do all manes!


Above all though, I love education! I began my professional journey in 2015 and I still attend education regularly to hone my craft. I am a #hairnerd. This helps me offer you the best experience I can! I work hard to share that education with my clients; making sure each person leaves feeling confident in their look and their ability to care for it themselves at home.


When I’m not behind the chair I am spending time with my son, honing my creative eye through photography or expanding my knowledge and understanding of the world. If you see a tarot card and a crystal or two in my studio, don't be surprised; I'm all about setting intentions and manifesting positive vibes. I am also a HUGE foodie! I mean...who doesn't love to eat? Having recently moved back to Richmond from Northern VA I am still finding my new favorite spots. I'd love to hear all about the Richmond gems you know and love during our time together!