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Invest in your hair; it is the crown you never take off!


You may view my online booking site for additional details about each service. If you are uncertain which service is best for you reach out to me by email; I am here to help!


Cuts + Styling

Whether you're growing it out or chopping it off I am here to help create your ideal shape.
Below you may find pricing + average

New Guest Curlfriend Experience

2 -3 hours, $300

Maintenance Cut
1.5 - 2 hours, $175

Express Cut
30 min - 1 hour, $100

Clipper Cut

30 - 45 min, $60

Hydrate + Define
1 - 1.5 hours, $100


Ramp up your look by adding shine, creating dimension, and/or shifting the overall color palette throughout the hair. New guests must have a Color Consultation first.

Crystal Color                    $100 per hour

Global Color                      $100 
per hour

Dimensional Color          $125 per hour

Chakra Color                      $150 per hour

Corrective Color                $150
per hour

What People Love

I absolutely loved my experience with Sam! She is very knowledgeable of curly/wavy hair. She knew exactly how to cut my hair to match my hair type. After a great cut and color, she even took the time to teach me how to style my hair. I finally found my go to hair magician!


Are You Ready?

What are you waiting for? Accept this as my formal invitation to have the hair you want! I'm ready to help make it happen whenever you are.

Still Not Sure?

I want you to feel confident that I am the right person to make your hair dreams come true! I'd be happy to discuss your hair goals and explain how I can help you achieve them. Send me a message so we can talk.

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